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Champions are Proactive!

Posted: February 24, 2020

Happy Monday Team! 


This week's message is about being proactive, and no we're not talking about the skincare products. Being able to prepare and deal with issues before they become big problems is what being proactive is all about. Taking action before a problem arises is one of the best ways to promote sucess. Of course, easier said than done, majority of people let issues fester and grow before taking action and at that point said problem may be too large to fix. 

It is not unreasonable to claim that a person's level of proactivity is related to their level of stress. Everytime people are confronted with an issue or task, they have the choice to either deal with it or ignore it. If one chooses to ignore an issue, then the brain will file that problem away. The longer the problem sits in the back of the mind, the more stressed one becomes. 

In addition to the stress, ignoring issues can also can distract a person from their goals. Champions are know to focus on a single goal and give that all of their effort and focus. It would be near impossible for any type of champion to accomplish their goals if they were constantly distracted by little problems. In this way we can learn from those who are sucessful and better ourselves.

What champions try to avoid is becoming reactive. A proactive person is able to prepare themselves for issues and knows ahead of time what needs to be done. A reactive person is someone who ignores issues until it's too late. Being reactive is like constantly forgetting to study for an exam and then trying to cram all the info you need into your head the night before. It just doesn't work as well.

As you go through this week try to find time to do the tasks that you have put off for a while. Take time out of your day to give yourself peace of mind and set yourself up for sucess. Remeber champions are proactive! 


- Sensei Steve