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Exercise for the Brain

Posted: January 04, 2021

What happens to a muscule when the body doesn't use it? It disappears. The brain is just like any other muscule, if we want it to grow and become stronger we must excercise it. Reading is a brilliant excercise for your brain. It not only expands vocabulary but increases our comprehension and just general knowledge. However there is something else we can do to give our brain a good workout. 

The best and most fulfilling excrercise for our brain is accomplishing goals. Once we give ourselves the feeling of accomplishment, our brain will naturally seek out that feeling. Not only will achieveing other things become easier, but it will also become something we genuinely want to do. Its a domino effect that many of us want and need to happen. The more we do, the greater the benefits become. The actual goal we are achieving doesn't matter, so long as we actually follow through on it. So make sure you start your year off right and give your brain some well deserved attention.