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Where focus goes, energy flows and results are soon to show

Posted: March 17, 2020

Happy Monday!


Our brain is like a supercomputer, it is always looking to find connections and evidence to prove itself right. If someone was to tell their brain consitently that they are a loser, that person's brain would find proof of that. Even if that's not necessarily true!! Luckily this works in a positive way as well. If one tells their brain that they are a smart, confident individual that person's brain will find proof of that. 

Therefore, what we choose to focus on directly affects what kind of person we are. Race car drivers are taught that when spinning out of control, they must look away from what they wish to avoid hitting. If the driver's eyes focus on the obstacle, their brain will subconsioucly steer towards it. Even if mentally they know to steer away, when focus on the obstacle they will move towards it. Where we put our focus is where we get our results. 

The racecar driver is an example of focusing on solutions versus problems. If we focus on a problem, it will seem large and unconquerable even if it isn't. Like we said before the brain looks for proof. If we constantly direct our brain at a problem, it will subconsciously become bigger and more stressful for us. But if we choose to direct our brain towards solutions then we will start to find that the problem shrinks. We are responsible for choosing what our brain will magnify, either the negative or the positive, and the more we magnify the negative the less happy and sucessful we'll be. Where focus goes, energy flows and results are soon to show. So direct your focus towards the positive and soon you will see positive results. 


- Sensei Steve