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Focus on the NOW

Posted: January 04, 2021

Focusing on a long term goal can be hard. Many times people set a large goal but lose their motivation along the way. One of the main culprits of lost motivation, is a sense that a goal is either too hard or will take too long. It is in this sense that the phrase, those who are afraid of doing too much will always do too little, was born. 

If we focus on the size of the goal, and how far away it is, motivation becomes nearly impossible. So instead of focusing on how much work has yet too be done, we must instead direct our attention to the things we can do. Keeping our attention on things that we can get accomplished as opposed to just thinking about the workload we have have makes a world of a difference. So as you go throughout your week and inch closer too your goals, keep your attention on what you can accomplish in the here and now!