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Frustration Leads to Success

Posted: February 22, 2021

As a child, I routinely found math to be my hardest subject. My biggest problem would always occur when I hit some kind of mental block. I'd end up trying to solve the same problem over and over again. Each time I restarted I became more dejected and more frustrated. Eventually I would get up and maybe walk around the house, or eat something, just to give my brain a short rest. When I returned I would contemplate skipping the question or giving it one more shot. Normally I would end up trying again, but a few times I did give in to frustration and quit.

What often happened when I decided to try again was that I found the problem to be simpler than I thought. Frustration had clouded my problem solving skills. Now that I was calm the problem that had previoculy given me so much trouble, was easy. I had without realizing done the problem so many times that I knew it really well. Once I got through my frustration, the way to find the answer was staring me right in the face! So frustration didn't stop me, it merely pointed me in the direction of success. If we change how we view and deal with frustration we can accomplish so much more! 

Frustration is not some random roadblock, it is a sign that you're getting close to success. If you're getting frustrated, getting tired of trying to accomplish a specific goal, don't give up! You are probably even closer to it than you think. There is almost nothing sadder than watching someone give up a goal they were so close to achieving. So next time you encounter a wave of frustration, remind yourself, this is the gate way to success. If you want to accomplish anything you must embrace and overcome your own frustrations! 


- Sensei Steve


Photo by Sebastian Herrmann on Unsplash