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Elite Force Martial Arts

Indomitable Spirit

Posted: February 17, 2020

Happy Monday!


This week's message is on indomitable spirit, being able to keep trying in the face of overwhelming failure. As a martial artist might put it, indomitable spirit is getting knocked down over and over but always getting back up. It is the fire that fuel's a person's perseverance, a winning spirit that allows one to accomplish any goal. This type of spirit is fostered by postive thinking. 

Positive thinking is an important trait for a person to develop. The human brain is gullible, whatever you tell it is what it will believe. If everyday a person wakes up and calls themselves fat and lazy then eventually their brain believes it and acts accordingly. Luckily the opposite is also true, if one were to wake up everyday and call themselves fit and proactive, then subconsiously they start to act that way. No matter what happens to that person, if they continue to believe that they are fit and proactive then they'll be able to overcome any obstacles and fulfill that belief. That is a winning attitude. 

A winning attitude is also created based on experience. Your brain is a muscle and  it needs to be trained and strengthened. Therefore the more goals one accomplishes the more one's brain believes in it's own ability. If one constantly sets goals only to give up on them, the brain will become weak. Whereas if one gives themselves plenty of experience accomplishing goals, then the brain will be strengthened. In this way it's important to set small goals that one can easily accomplish, this allows the brain to get used to the feeling. Once the brain is strong enough, one is able to take any failures and keep moving without quiting. This is a true indomitable spirit. 


- Sensei Steve