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Elite Force Martial Arts

Leadership By Example

Posted: March 08, 2021

If we wish others to act a certain way, then we must first begin with ourselves. If we expect to get respect, we must first give respect. Our actions are more influential than we acknowledge. One person can change the atmosphere in a room just by how they act, and what kind of attitude they project. So on the road to becoming a leader we must constantly evaluate how our own actions are affecting those around us. 

The best way and most powerful way to get what we want out of people, is to just do it first ourselves. Want to help your children lose weight? Then start eating healthy yourself. Wish that your coworkers treated you with more respect? Then give it to them first. When we lead by example we don't have to force the people around us to follow. It happens naturally. 

So next time you expect people to act a certain way, don't tell them what to do. Show them. 


- Sensei Steve Belanger

Photo by Jehyun Sung on Unsplash