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Elite Force Martial Arts

The Shoe Rack Theory

Posted: March 09, 2020

Happy Monday!


This week we'll be focusing on the shoe rack theory. This theory revolves around the idea that martial artists should train with a clear head. However, it is often hard for people to separate their problems from their training. It is these people who the shoe rack theory benefits the most. When one enters the dojo they must not only put their shoes in the rack, but also any frustrations, anxieties, or other issues from their day. They  can then  train and come back to their shoes and their problems and feel more ready to tackle them. 

The theory is basic, but underneath its simplicity is an important lesson. The person who can devote time and focus on one thing, will often accomplish more than the person who is scattered and trying to do a million things. Just look back at the Roman strategy of divide and conquer. We are doing that to our brains every day, scaterring it everywhere to deal with a bunch of different issues, when if we really sat down and focused on one thing we'd get so much more accomplished. 

Warren Buffet says to write down all of your goals, circle your top five and forget about the rest. It makes sense because the brain can only be split so many ways before becoming overwhelmed. Warren Buffet recognizes that destractions of any kind takes away from what you can accomplish. Learning to zero in on one thing and give it 100% effort is a skill many do not have. The shoe rack theory is designed to help improve that, so take it and implement it next time you train. 


- Sensei Steve