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Champions Overcome Obstacles!

Posted: March 30, 2020

Happy Monday!


As we all do our best to stay safe and healthly, remember that champions overcome obstacles. Right now we all face the obstacle of quarantine. A champion would not look at this roadblock as something that completely hinders their goals. Instead a champion merely sees an obstacle they must overcome. 

Where focus goes, energy flows and results are soon to show

Posted: March 17, 2020

Happy Monday!


Our brain is like a supercomputer, it is always looking to find connections and evidence to prove itself right. If someone was to tell their brain consitently that they are a loser, that person's brain would find proof of that. Even if that's not necessarily true!! Luckily this works in a positive way as well. If one tells their brain that they are a smart, confident individual that person's brain will find proof of that. 

The Shoe Rack Theory

Posted: March 09, 2020

Happy Monday!


This week we'll be focusing on the shoe rack theory. This theory revolves around the idea that martial artists should train with a clear head. However, it is often hard for people to separate their problems from their training. It is these people who the shoe rack theory benefits the most. When one enters the dojo they must not only put their shoes in the rack, but also any frustrations, anxieties, or other issues from their day. They  can then  train and come back to their shoes and their problems and feel more ready to tackle them. 


Posted: March 02, 2020

Happy Monday! 


Kaizen is a Japanese term which means "constant and never-ending improvement." This mentality is often attributed to the Japanese's sucess over Ford in the automobile industry. The Ford model stayed the same and offered a single color and style. Whereas the Japanese constantly tweaked and updated their cars, over time the constant improvement allowed them to surpass Ford. In the business world this situation has happened many times. When a company gets stagnant, it's competitors gain the upper hand. Just think if blackberry had tried to innovate more, then perhaps they would still have a large percentage of the cell phone industry. If Blockbuster had shifted it's focus to streaming perhaps they would still be around and giving Netflix a run for their money.  

Champions are Proactive!

Posted: February 24, 2020

Happy Monday Team! 


This week's message is about being proactive, and no we're not talking about the skincare products. Being able to prepare and deal with issues before they become big problems is what being proactive is all about. Taking action before a problem arises is one of the best ways to promote sucess. Of course, easier said than done, majority of people let issues fester and grow before taking action and at that point said problem may be too large to fix. 

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