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Indomitable Spirit

Posted: February 17, 2020

Happy Monday!


This week's message is on indomitable spirit, being able to keep trying in the face of overwhelming failure. As a martial artist might put it, indomitable spirit is getting knocked down over and over but always getting back up. It is the fire that fuel's a person's perseverance, a winning spirit that allows one to accomplish any goal. This type of spirit is fostered by postive thinking. 


Posted: February 10, 2020

Happy Monday Team! 


Our message for this week centers around perseverance. Doing whatever it takes to achieve a set goal. The idea of perseverance is simple, just don't give up. However,  most people find it difficult to just blindly persevere in the face of all odds. The interesting thing is that just about all humans are born with perseverance. Just look at how babies learn to walk. They don't just snap their fingers and stand up, instead it takes months of practice and lots of falling down before babies learn how to retain their balance. Just imagine if humanity, after trying to stand up once, just quit. We would be a society of Gorillas! This means that every person is capable of developing perseverance, yet still most people don't. This is due to a lack of strategy and lack of faith. 

Self Control

Posted: February 07, 2020

Happy Monday Team!


This week's class message is a simple one. Self-control, we define this as doing what you need to do, even if you don't want to do it. We believe that learning self - control at a young age is extremely important to a child's development. This character trait is consitently involved in helping both children and adults become sucessful. For adults using self control could be as simple as getting to work five minutes early, or as difficult as overcoming a negative addiction. For children self-control might just be doing their homework before playing video games.

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